Prayer is the greatest resource we share with each other.   When our strength is exhausted we find the strength of God as we pray.  Click on the Prayer tab and take a look at how we develop our prayer life and how we  engage in prayer for one another and for those outside our fellowship.


Our relationship with Jesus brings us into relationship with each other.  We do not live to ourselves but work to see every person become mature in the grace of Christ.  Check out the Small Group page to see what is currently happening in small groups.


Whether studying a book of the Bible or learning how the Word of God provides guidance for some aspect of our faith, the Sunday School hour, 10:45 – 11:45 on Sunday morning, will engage the participant in an in-depth study of the Bible.  Classes are interactive and varied in subject matter.



Women of the church (men are welcome too) provide a service ministry to people both from the church and from outside the church, who are in need of a hand getting a meal on the table.  Sometimes the need is from bereavement, medical disability or financial emergency.  Not having to deal with food planning and preparation is a great blessing in a time of crisis.



This is a service ministry for men assisting the widows of the church and community with practical handyman help.  The program meets the first Saturday of the month and starts with a breakfast at 8:00am at the church.  After physical and spiritual nourishment, small groups of men head out to those who need a helping hand.